You don’t exist in a static environment, so why should your workout? SURFSET Fitness Toronto was launched to bring this new wave of fun & functional fitness to the city. I was able to launch, scale, and sell the company at over 2x EBIDTA in 2 years.surfset6 2

I led the entire process from initial planning and budgeting through to execution, successfully bringing this new brand to market with the goal of creating a self-sustaining business that would be revenue positive from day 1.

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Marketing Strategy

Capitalizing on the uniqueness of this revolutionary new workout, I developed an integrated multi-platform campaign to build brand recognition prior to launch.

Photo and video exploited the wow-factor of the workout, a significant competitive advantage over other workouts, and prominent SEM and social media presence helped grow the studio’s discovery and following in a meaningful way.

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Word-of-mouth was encouraged not only through unforgettably positive customer experiences, but also social media campaigns & contests, cleverly designed print pieces, and a highly successful customer referral program.




I custom-built the company website with eye-catching creative and intuitive navigation, and ensured it was SEO optimized and responsive for multiple screen sizes. The goal was to promote familiarity and education around services while funneling users through to conversion on the signup page.

Analytics and heat-mapping captured user flow and allowed me to optimize time-to-conversion to under 2 minutes for over 70% of new conversions. In addition, our site ranking surpassed those of other Surfset studios globally, including head office, in under 6 months.

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To give prospective clients a virtual taste of the Surfset workout, a 30s spot was produced for use on the website and on YouTube.

The visually exciting nature of the workout made for great TV and web material, so we leveraged this heavily when encouraging media coverage. We also partnered with Canadian Olympic volleyball player Kacie MacTavish to add to our PR splash.

Over 2M media impressions were accumulated for the business with coverage on leading television programs including CBC’s Steven & Chris Show, E!, Breakfast Television, Global News, CTV News, and CTV’s The Social, as well as online & print coverage in Chatelaine, Air Canada EnRoute, Elle, Flare, Fashion, and dozens of blogs.

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Perfectly executed PR and strategic partnerships with brands and retailers such as Lululemon, Pantene, Sportchek, and Burton have all contributed to furthering the success of Surfset Toronto. Officially opening its doors in December 2014, the studio surpassed 6K clients and amassed over 2M impressions from media coverage in under 2 years.

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