Obtaining a Canadian education has long been a highly sought after gold star on international resumes. Founder Bassel, once an international student himself, recognized first-hand the pitfalls and scams frequently faced by international students and saw an opportunity.

With the goal of becoming the foremost resource for information and services to make the transition easy for international students, Bassel set out to build something big.


Website Architecture

In addition to being simple to navigate, the website needed to communicate to students, their families, and their employers in a clear way, and show them the inherent value that they would gain by working with Sama, saving them both time and money in the long run.

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Copy & Content

Clear examples and concise headlines helped direct the visitor journey based on their needs and their reason for seeking Sama’s services. The key take-home for all copy was that Sama would make the process of international education simple.

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Client Feedback

“My business parter and I knew we could expect quality work from you. Thanks a lot for all your help!”

Bassel Ramli – CEO & Founder, Sama Services



Sama Services has grown to become a full-service organization with stellar performance records, with a complete menu of services ranging from admission test preparation to housing placements, and even ongoing counselling and coaching to ensure students do not feel isolated or overwhelmed. Even more impressive is their growth in the corporate sector, where companies seek international accreditation and certifications for their employees through Sama Services.