The private label Performatrin brand had been selling well in the Pet Valu family of stores, with well over 2M in annual sales. However, the brand was facing limits to growth due to outdated branding and non-existent brand communications. In short, it was time for a facelift.

Although a project was underway to redesign the brand assets, I was tasked with raising the profile of the brand. This not only meant adding targeted content and digital advertising to the B2C marketing mix, but also developing a robust communications plan to ensure our franchisees would buy into the new program.

Using research into societal shifts in purchase decisions gravitating towards holistic nutrition options, I recognized the opportunity to highlight the benefits of the holistic sub-brand of products in our line as the anchor for the brand rollout. My team and I delivered a comprehensive multi-channel launch campaign which created unprecedented demand among customers and store franchisees, and broke all previous monthly product sales records within its first 2 months. Ultimately, the campaign helped grow the brand from $2.2M to nearly $3M in its first year on shelves.


Collaborating with an executive team, including the Senior Creative Director and Senior VP of Sales & Merchandising, we developed unified branding that told a clear story about each recipe. The team worked to carefully select the visuals and develop the brand language and ensure cohesiveness.

performatrin ultra packaging redesign

Website & UX

As project lead on the development of the new Performatrin website, I managed our creative team’s development of the new site that would provide visitors with tools and information to educate them on their recipe options.

With two sub-brands, as well as the various recipe categories the lived beneath them, information architecture was a priority. Upon landing on our homepage, visitors were introduced to 2 ways of thinking about pet nutrition, scientifically formulated Performatrin, or holistically formulated Performatrin Ultra.

Pets were heroized through striking visuals, and discovery was prompted by simple, eye-catching CTAs.

performatrin website homepage design lua emilia

For visitors who were new to pet nutrition, sub-brand pages helped them to narrow down their options by identifying their pet’s life stage.

perf ultra family

For visitors who chose to discover their options on their own terms, informational pages for cat or dog formulations had their own landing pages with general nutritional information calling out product benefits.

perf nutritional information

Digital Interactive

Engaging interactive tools were created for the website to present nutritional information in interesting ways, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the importance of quality pet nutrition.

An interactive “pet heatmap” allowed us to surprise & delight visitors while calling attention to the variety of pet health & nutritional concerns that our recipes catered to. Separate tools were created for Performatrin, Performatrin Ultra, and Ultra Limited Ingredient Diet, both for dogs and for cats.

cats performatrin nutrition interactive tool lua emilia

dogs performatrin nutrition interactive tool lua emilia

A Google-powered interactive store locator helped visitors find one a nearby retailer among the over 700 Pet Valu, Paulmac’s and Bosley’s stores spread out across North America.

store locator tool pet valu performatrin lua emilia


I lead the creation of supplementary print materials, including brochures and in-store signage, to assist our in-store Pet Experts in creating excitement around the new packaging and formulations.

performatin brochure pet valu print lua emilia

pet expert performatrin valu lua emilia


“Lua is an asset to our department. She is reliable, flexible, creative and enthusiastic.”
Kelly McCutcheon – Marketing Communications Manager @ Pet Valu