Putting their nanotech engineering degrees to work, Matin, Shafi and Hooman co-founded Lumotune Inc. to develop a transparent film that would digitally display highly visible images and text, while retaining the appearance of glass. Leading up to their pilot launch for Lumotune Glass Displays, they needed help establishing an online presence, developing content, and building a strategy for lead acquisition & management.

I employed a scrum development project management model to ensure that different components were output in an agile manner that best respected the team’s lean development resources.



It was necessary to outline the KPIs at both an organizational level so that the company’s goals could inform the marketing strategy. Research informed the creation of Customer Personas, allowing us to better focus on targeting the main decision-makers in organizations, and develop content that would generate interest in the Glass Displays.

The customer’s “requirements” for each tier of the sales funnel were fleshed out to identify what types of information and content customers needed to encounter at each stage before moving along the funnel. This included stating the objective of the content for each stage, identifying the activities & diagnostics to employ, and the KPIs to track.

markstrat funnel kpi example

A minimalist site architecture was mapped out using Balsamiq, and mockups showed site layout and design elements. Development was followed by QA and optimization, and the final site was delivered ahead of schedule, ready for content entry.

lumotune sitemap balsamiq


Inbound & CRM

To ensure minimal lead loss, analytics were set up using Google Analytics and heat-mapping to help with website optimization. Even with healthy seed investment, it was still important to ensure advertising dollars weren’t being wasted. Rather than having to rely solely on advertising and PR efforts, cookies would allow for more effective advertising by enabling behavioural retargeting.

Leads would self-qualify in 2 steps. First, clear CTA buttons were placed in the header nav of each page as well as the bottom of the homepage, prompting interested visitors to Request a Free Demo.

request demo CTA

request demo modal

Next, AutoPilot was set up to deploy welcome messages with Calendly integration, in order to minimize the time-gap between peak interest and meeting set-up, while also adding a human touch and prompting further education and discovery with article links.

request demo welcome email


calendly integration

This was just one example in a series of customer journey touchpoints, which also included conditional and time-delay action points to help guide prospective customers through along the funnel, supporting the sales team’s KPRs in the process.

autopilot journey example


Website & Content

As a B2B company with an overwhelming proportion of their target demographic that were heavy web and social media users, any content created needed to answer questions about the product, as well as generate curiosity when syndicated or used as a lead generation tool.

The home page landed visitors on a looped soundless header video that showcased a few of the exciting features of the product, made possible by their proprietary cloud-powered app.

header daypart advertising lumotune

header social integration lumotune

Feature call-outs covered some of the key benefits of using the product, with custom-designed icons accompanying concise and fuss-free copy.


lumotune feature callout icons

The LumoTalk section was created to feature the Blog, with posts that struck a 70/30 balance of informing and entertaining, and a Press section, which aggregated 3rd party press coverage of the team and their remarkable product.

lumotune lumotalk blog

lumotune lumotalk press



Blog post headlines and copy were produced keeping SEO best practices in mind (i.e. optimal keyword usage, backlinks, etc.), not only to boost organic rankings more rapidly, but also with a goal to encourage content evangelism.

Meaningful interactions, not number of clicks, were the objective, so I ensured all blog content was catering to the target audience, who were active social media content consumers. Three key insights about our target demographic guided blog post creation:

  1. People are more likely to click, like, and share truly interesting articles over click-bait: Prioritizing attention-grabbing headlines paired with intriguing meta-descriptions, and avoiding annoying click-bait to which most users had become desensitized, would result in more interactions.
  2. Higher rate of complete & near-complete reads on LinkedIn & Slideshare: Covering material that our target demo would be eager to share, and which could be easily syndicated as SlideShare presentations, would mean higher organic reach for each post, as well as scrolling to the end of an article where the CTA would be.
  3. Folks love to skim: Research showed that long-form pieces tended to perform well with our target demographic, but only when key pieces of information were called out as sub-headings, quotes, or bold type. This was another way of ensuring most people would scroll to the end and encounter the CTA.

high tech blog post sample lumotune lua emiiia

Though blog posts always contained some mention of Lumotune Glass Displays, the pieces didn’t revolve around the product. Instead, a series of case studies were developed to highlight the remarkable results seen during  pilot programs.

case study lumotune lua emilia


Video & Interactive

It was necessary to provide a clear explanation of how the physical product and the complimentary app worked together to address the pain points of the conventional retail marketing process. I produced an animated whiteboard video using Videoscribe to tell this story in a fun and entertaining way.

By scrolling down the homepage, visitors were learning about how the product worked as well as the app’s many fantastic features. However, short of scheduling in-person visits, it was important to bring the product to life and allow interested parties to see it up-close.

To drive further discovery and engagement, I created an interactive product close-up using ThingLink, and overlaid it with feature captions, allowing users to see the real product without needing to schedule a meeting in-person.



As a tech startup, it can be tough to convey complex ideas. Lua helped us communicate the value and ROI of our product, and put us in front of the right eyes.
Matin Esfahani – CEO & Co-Founder @ Lumotune Inc.