At Format, design, content & development functions had been split off to operate under the name “Team Forward” to focus primarily on external marketing efforts, but unclear processes and intense time-pressure were causing work bottlenecks and threatening campaign launch date.


In light of a year-long rebrand project that was about to launch, constraints and systemic stresses on the Team were becoming apparent as they struggled with inefficient workflow processes, frequent bottlenecks when bandwidth was not sufficient, and the lack of a clear collaborative framework.

First, the campaign go-to-market strategy had to be assessed and revised. Next, I focused on workflow process improvement to ensure our tight timelines weren’t delayed arbitrarily. Lastly, campaign reporting was finalized with senior leadership.

A new collaborative process was established using Design Thinking methodology to encourage cross-functional collaboration – a significant departure from the broken-telephone process they were used to.

Design Thinking Process at Format

By gaining stakeholder buy-in early, throughput was drastically improved across functions. Idle time was minimized (touch time increased to nearly 90% of total lead time) and time-to-market for the rebrand campaign was reduced to 6.5 weeks (down 30% from original estimates).


Meet Dr. Luova Dahl, the leading simulated expert on creativity. The project team developed this chatbot to analyze the source of a person’s creativity in just 4 questions.

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The tongue-in-cheek campaign insists creatives do things better than everyone else, poking fun at the all-too-familiar truism that creatives think they’re better than everyone else while simultaneously applauding them for their talents.

Dr. Dahl was our capstone of a +100k rebrand campaign entitled “Few Can Do What You Do”, which included PR, 6 commercials, 25 landing pages, and 400 banner ads targeting 5 main creative professions: illustrators, photographers, designers, artists, and fashion professionals.

A collection of 6 short videos showcasing why ‘Creative Minds Do It Better’ focus on each of 5 main professions, as well as a 60-second spot for creatives that did not fall under the 5 specified professions.

Each of the shorts spotlights a boastful creative and a bizarre set of activities that they’re better at than most, because, few can do what they do.






Fashion Professionals

Individual pitches were sent to over 200 media outlets and blogs, alongside a press release and press kit containing images capturing the rebranding process.

The campaign garnered tens of thousands of views, as well as high-profile mentions from Dribbble, DesignTaxi (twice), BetaKit, Brand New, HOW Design, and Typewolf.



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