As part of their launch for their new Wet Wipes, Cottonelle developed the Let’s Talk About Your Bum campaign. Before launching a parallel campaign, “Parlons Fesses”, in the Quebec market, they commissioned new French-language materials.

Cleverly directed YouTube videos were complemented by ad banners to drive traffic, and a series of advertorials in the form of an advice column, entitled “Confessions of a Dry Wiper”. They enlisted my services to create the new online banner ad, as well as 4 new advertorials, and Chère Madame Propette was born!


Banner Ad

Ad Banner FR

A dynamic display appearing just above the fold on major media sites such as, with an invitation to join the conversation and Talk About Your Bum. Use of animation and unique shapes to capture attention and generate true impressions.



Chere Madame Propette 1

Chere Madame Propette 2

Chere Madame Propette 3

Chere Madame Propette 4

I created 4 different versions of the Chère Madame Propette (trans.: Confessions of a Dry Wiper) to address common situations where a Wet Wipe could provide a solution, or address head-on the possible embarrassment around using Wet Wipes. These ran in the form of an online pop-over that displayed when the banner ad was clicked, and also ran in several top tier magazines, including Châtelaine (Français), Elle Québec, and LouLou Magazine (French).


Client Feedback

“Thank you for all of your hard work, it was an absolute pleasure working with you!”
Pierre Langlois – Client Delivery Manager @ TC Media