Every year, Cottonelle hosts their White Cashmere Collection event, a Canadian celebration that unites Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, Canadian fashion designers and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2014, I was brought on to assist them in reaching a Québecois audience by writing French media content for this fantastic event.


Press Release

I wrote the French Event Press Release to facilitate media coverage in the Québec market, particularly important as Montréal is an important Canadian fashion hub.

cotonelle cashmere white blanc 2014 press releaseView it online here:


Designer Announcement

Brief descriptions of each designers’ background was provided alongside a sketch of their vision for their Cashmere creation, for distribution to various media outlets.

Designer Announcement Cotonelle Cashmere Collection 2014View it online here:


2014 Collection Website

I also developed the website copy for their 2014 Collection website showcasing the remarkable gowns that each of these talented Canadian designers created.

cotonelle cashmere 2014 website


Client Feedback

“Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. We really appreciate it. Always great teaming up with you!”
Renée Sylvestre-Williams – Managing Editor @ TC Media