About Me

1. a creator of goal-oriented action plans
2. a detailed thinker that uses complex data to inform decision-making
3. a pretty cool gal

Marketing strategy is part art, and part science, and data connects the dots. I help organizations leverage their strengths to improve customer value delivery, promote internal collaboration, and deliberately make room for future-oriented innovation – and my KPIs speak louder than words.

I also speak 4 languages, advocate for the Oxford comma, and I always sing in my car. Poorly.


My business partner and I knew we could expect quality work from you. Thanks a lot for all your help!

Bassel Ramli – CEO, Sama Services

As a tech startup, it can be tough to convey complex ideas. Lua helped us communicate the value and ROI of our product, and put us in front of the right eyes.

Matin Esfahani – CEO & Co-Founder, Lumotune Inc.